For the Physician

What Is DigitalDerm’s MoleMap Technology Service?

DigitalDerm’s MoleMap Technology Service provides precise, high resolution digital photographic documentation of the entire skin surface of patients at risk for melanoma. The images can be accessed using our high speed secure internet image transfer, storage and retrieval system; a unique quick two-click process. This service allows for patient image access using any electronic device that accepts images. The MoleMap Technology Service is fully compliant with all HIPAA rules and regulations.

Seamless, No Cost Solution.

DigitalDerm, Inc. provides a referral form specific to your practice. All that is required by your medical practice is to send the filled out referral to DigitalDerm and we handle the rest. There is no cost to your practice for any equipment, maintenance, software or software upgrades. The patient fee covers scheduling, patient questions, the imaging session, production, image transfers and handling. In addition, our Patient Relations Representatives also helps the patient with their filing for health insurance reimbursement. The MoleMap Technology Service has received a CPT code (96904) and is recognized as a reimbursable medical expense by an increasing number of health insurance companies and self-insured companies and organizations.

So, You Think You Might Want to Buy An Imaging Piece of Equipment.

If you are contemplating purchasing a piece of equipment to produce your own images of the patient’s skin surface, you might want to consider the following to determine whether or not providing your own images is in the best interest of the practice.

Here are some but not all of the negatives, nor in priority, associated with the acquisition of imaging equipment:

  1. You will not be an independent source in the acquisition of the images.
  2. The additional revenue stream will be at an additional cost which may exceed revenue (you should consult your C.P.A. for a thorough investigation of the actual costs associated with the acquisition of the equipment).
  3. There will be a disruption of your patient and staff flow on the day of imaging.
  4. You will need to set aside expensive and scarce office space to store the equipment and take the images.
  5. You will have to train office staff on how to take, store and view images; and, retrain office staff in the process of imaging with the loss of a trained employee
  6. The images will take up space on your electronic medical record system.
  7. The equipment can quickly become obsolete with advancing technology.
  8. You may lose the use of capital and/or credit line depending on the method of acquiring the equipment.
  9. You will have to spend a significant amount of time with the patient to explain what is involved in the imaging session and to answer medical insurance reimbursement questions.

Here are some but not all of the positives, nor in priority, associated with referring the patient to DigitalDerm’s MoleMap Technology Service:

  1. DigitalDerm provides an independent source in the acquisition of patient images.
  2. There is no cost to the practice and/or physicians associated with the practice for the acquisition of the patient’s images.
  3. There will be no disruption to your patient and staff flow on the day of imaging since imaging will be done at an outside imaging site.
  4. You do not have to set aside expensive and scarce office space.
  5. Your staff will be free to focus on their responsibilities and leave the imaging to DigitalDerm’s Imaging Specialists.
  6. The patient’s images will be stored on a secure HIPAA compliant server and will be available for viewing on any device that accepts images.
  7. DigitalDerm always seeks to provide the most advanced/economical service and continuously strives to update their image acquisition format.
  8. DigitalDerm’s Patient Relations Representatives will contact the patient within 48 hours of receipt of a referral and describe what the session entails and answer the patient’s questions about medical insurance reimbursement.

The Next Step.

Call our Practice Relations Representatives at 1.800.368.6223 to answer any questions you may have and to order your no cost MoleMap Technology Service Physician Start-Up Kit. DigitalDerm, Inc. provides all the necessary materials and patient referral forms specific to your practice.
Or you can fill out and submit our contact form.

Common Questions

Why Do We Need Your Practice Personal Email Address?

In order for us to set up your practice folder for access to your patient’s images, we need to have your practice personal email address. The following are the most frequently asked questions concerning giving us access to your personal practice email address.

Why Do We Require An Individual Practice Email Address?

This will give us the ability to monitor activity on our server and to develop an audit trail that can be provided in the event one is requested. In fact, we request a separate email address for anyone the practice needs to have access to patient images.

What If The Practice Requests The Use Of The General Practice Email Address?

That can be done but DigitalDerm’s responsibility for who can access the images and providing an audit trail is now the full responsibility of the practice.

How Does DigitalDerm Use Your Email Address?

Once we set up a folder specific to your practice, you will receive an email that will provide you a link to our secure HIPAA compliant internet connection and server. Upon opening this initial email, you will be invited to become a “collaborator” with our server. You will then be instructed to follow a couple of steps and once completed you will be able to access the practice folder.


What Is a Collaborator?

A “Collaborator” is the individual connected to the email address being used. The physician, once signed on as a Collaborator, has specific rights to access the patient’s images.

What Will Be In The Practice Folder?

The practice folder will contain the images of all of the patients referred by the practice who have been imaged by DigitalDerm. This applies to a single or multiple site practice. The patient’s files will be listed in alphabetical order by Last Name, First Name, Date of Birth.

What If I Do Not Have An Individual Practice Email Address?

Although we can provide the images via a personal email address, we strongly do not encourage the use of this type of email. We strongly encourage the Practice Administrator to contact the practice I.T. personnel to set up an individual practice email address. This is a simple process which should take a very short period of time.

What If My Personal Practice Email Address Changes?

As long as DigitalDerm is notified, we can change the email address in a very short period of time.

Do I Have To Access My Email Each Time I Want To Access The Images?

No. You just have to click on the link and enter your password and the practice folder will appear on your screen.

Can The Patients Access Their Images?

Yes. The patients will receive a link and password that will allow them to access only their images.

What Devices Can I Use To View The Images?

You can use any electronic device that accepts images such as computers, tablets and phones.

What are the benefits of using the MoleMap Technology Service?

Traditionally, physicians have relied on memory, notes and in some cases office photos to track changes in patient’s moles or to identify new moles of concern. There has been no systematic way to create a comprehensive, objective baseline record of patient’s moles. The MoleMap Technology Service (prior, the MoleMapCD program) provides a standardized image record of a patient’s skin surface, which is used as an adjunct tool to identify any changes on a patient’s skin surface.

The MoleMap Technology Service also relieves physicians and their staff of the time and expense of taking photos themselves. This practice, though common, does not result in the accurate, standardized images needed to properly document a patient’s skin surface.

What if my patient needs additional images to complete the comprehensive molemap of the skin?

The physician may request additional views of areas he or she wants to monitor closely. These areas may include underneath the breasts or genitals, along the hairline or between toes or the buttocks. If additional views are taken, they are placed in sequence to the associated part of the body within the standard images.

How do you use the MoleMap Technology Service in your practice?

The physician identifies patients who are at risk of melanoma based on a personal history of melanoma, family history of melanoma or a personal history of dysplastic nevi syndrome (CPT Code 96904). If medically necessary, the physician refers the patient to DigitalDerm, Inc. to be scheduled for the MoleMap Technology Service.

Once the patient’s imaging session is completed and processed by DigitalDerm, Inc., the physician and the patient will be able to access the images using any electronic device that accepts images. On subsequent patient visits, the physician can access the images for use to compare the images of moles of concern to help determine if a change has occurred or if a new mole developed.

Why use DigitalDerm's MoleMap Technology Service in your practice?

DigitalDerm, Inc. provides only one product/service-The MoleMap Technology Service. We have taken great measures to insure the quality of the images AND of the service. The images are handled by professionals who understand the demanding requirements of medical imaging and necessary measures to maintain security and medical HIPAA laws. We do not use the MoleMap Technology Service to get you to buy additional equipment, modules, software or maintenance agreements. DigitalDerm, Inc. believes that when you look at our product, our service and even our pedigree you will choose the MoleMap Technology Service as your early melanoma detection tool.